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Food and Wine

Some Food for Thought


As you know the most important partner to a good drop of wine is food and the common guide, white with fish, red with meat is somewhat restrictive.


Wine and food should balance each other with harmonious relationships between the wines and food and the wines themselves. Highly flavoursome food goes best with a simple wine, plain flavoured foods are enhanced by a sophisticated wine.


South Australia, and the Adelaide Hills, has earned the deserved reputation as one of Australia’s premium wine regions and today there are many excellent cellar doors within the region and many wineries that are happy to open by appointment. There’s no doubt that wine and food are perfect partners and many cellar doors have capitalised on this partnership with a range of local produce available to compliment the outstanding South Australian wines.


It is all a matter of individual taste, but here are some guidelines to assist you in your taste-bud adventures:


Riesling – a light white wine suits delicate fish dishes (i.e. Poached whiting – South Australia is noted for both).   Crisp, fresh-flavoured, high acid wines (like young Rieslings) have a cleansing effect on the palate and are delightful when served with fried or battered seafood and vegetables.  Highly spiced dishes are well-suited to off-dry and medium sweet wine styles like Riesling.


Sauvignon Blanc – great with barely seasoned ingredients such as raw and lightly cooked shellfish like oysters and shell-on prawns, fresh crab and simply grilled fish, especially with olive oil, white meats and vegetables.


Chardonnay - full-flavoured dishes with strong sauces blend well with a “bigger” or more robust wine style, e.g. Roasted or grilled chicken, and will pair with almost any seafood, Lobster, Shrimp or Crab in Pasta Cream Sauces. If pairing with cheese, stay with softer cheeses like Brie or Camembert.


Pinot Noir - the hot “burning” sensation of curry or chilli is increased by the tannin in red wines, while the glycerol in Pinot Noir has empathy for red chilli.  Goes well with goats cheese, pork, lobster, crab, salmon, pasta and mushrooms.


Syrah (Shiraz) - red wine is great with rich, flavoursome foods like steak, lamb, bratwurst, fish stew, spaghetti marinara or dishes with abundant garlic.


Cabernet Sauvignon – goes well with grilled or roasted red meats, pastas, strong-flavoured cheese, and chocolates (especially dark).


Tawny – goes well with cheeses, nuts, dried fruits and pates.


Many factors can influence the choices, time of day, location, formality or casualness of the meal, so come and tantalise your taste-buds in the South Australian wine and food region.


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